Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Rules

A die was rolled determining who "perished" in the plane crash and who lived, in a deadly game of 'Russian Roulette" - we played for a number on the die and if that number was rolled we were lost - who lost their backpack and who kept theirs - a game of odds and evens. Luckily, I didn't die but I did lose my bag, which is unfortunate because only one person in our group recovered theirs.

On the day we left for Matainui I was wearing the following:
- Zip-off trousers
- Polo
- Baseball cap
- Hoodie
- Underwear
- Ankle socks
- Sneakers
- Water-proof watch

In my backpack, I had (and lost) the following items:
- Swiss army knife
- Torch
- Spade
- Drink bottle
- Sleeping bag
- Swedish FireSteel army model
- Alopex jacket
- Thermal emergency blanket
- Packed lunch

Hopefully, I may be able to take some of the smaller items from my backpack in my pockets.

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